Store Expansion


What a beautiful sunny day it is today. Here are the most recent photos of the Mazda/Subaru store.


The Mazda and Subaru signs are up !!!!

We are putting the final touches on the expansion of our Mazda/Subaru store. We are very excited about all of the updates and changes. Come on in and see us.


The Park Auto Group sign is up on the front of the main front entrance of the Mazda/Subaru store. Looking good !!


Here we have a photo of the Subaru shop...all brand new.


This is the Mazda entrance of the service drive, looking West.


Old front walls have been knocked out to make more space in the showroom.


The front of the Mazda/Subaru store.


This is a shot of the South side of the front showroom.


This is looking west through the old service drive. The wall in the center will eventually be removed.


Hey...that looks like it says Honda !!

Yes...that's right. The Mazda/Subaru building started out as a Honda store.  Now this back wall is going to be blown out to pretty much double the size of the Service Department.


The photo below is the view looking in from the side door on the Mazda side.


There goes the reception desk

Here is shot of smack dab in the middle of the Mazda/Subaru showroom where the reception desk once was. Things are moving right along here.

The construction equipment is rolling in

Today the first of the equipment showed up to start reconstruction on our Mazda/Subaru store. A few things the expansion will give our customers is an all new Mazda / Subaru customer waiting area plus this will add 2,000 sq ft to the showroom - going from 3,500 to 5,500.


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